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Technology always comes to Rescue.
Fever Screening Reinvented.

The Covid 19 pandemic is testing our resilience and our strength to cope with the „new reality”. These are times when we rely on technology and its inventive solutions to help us protect our health while conducting our daily activities and duties. Innovation is not only change, but it unlocks new value, such as RanRode Thermo Scanner.


We introduce you to the latest Android technology in contactless fever screening. A cutting-edge equipment that combines face recognition with infrared technology for precise human body temperature detection.  

It’s quicker than saying “Hello”. 1 second and 1 meter and you’re good to go.

It takes 1 second for a 98.3% accurate face recognition.

It needs only 1 meter for a precise human body temperature detection.


Product Features

Behind its 8-inch IPS full view LCD display, there is a highly innovative technology. Its industrial binocular wide dynamic camera, with night infrared and LED dual fill light Standard Rockchip RK 3288 quad-core processor, optional Rockchip RK 3399 six-core processor and Qualcomm MSM 8953 eight-core processor.

It supports a 3W database for face recognition, including when you wear a mask. It can track multiple people at the same time, while also compiling a face library – up to 30.000.

Face recognition is so speedy – less than 1 second, with a 98.3% live detection accuracy rate. It automatically identifies unmasked individuals and provides a real-time warning.

Key Features for a Millisecond- accurate Face Recognition:


React to the new security requirements with the latest camera technology!

It displays your body temperature in 1 second while standing still at 1-meter distance. It is highly precise via its infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement, and it automatically alarms any body temperature abnormality. You can set up the body temperature value that you prefer.

Key features for Body Temperature Measurement:

Its temperature measurement ranges from 10°C~42°C

Its temperature measurement accuracy ≤ ±0.1°C

The best temperature detection distance 50 cm – the Maximum temperature detection distance 1 meter

Automatic warning of abnormal body temperature

Innovative Solutions via A Smart Touch Screen

Contactless temperature measurement & face recognition & mask detection

A Versatile technology with Multifunctional Usage

RanRode Thermo Scanner has different installation methods to respond to the needs of each location.

A. Stand with disinfectant dispenser

B. Stand for standing adults

C. Standfuß für Kinder und Rollstuhlfahrer

D. Table stand for receptions and counters

Sale and rental on request
Adaptable to any Location. Practical Benefits for a secure health measure.

Due to its versatile installation methods, RanRode infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement equipment proves to be highly efficient for schools, hotels, transportation hubs, or any public service institutions.

But it is also suitable for private places with high traffic of people: business centres, office buildings, factories, construction sites, etc. In this case, it can be used with access gates or access control.

It can also be used independently as attendance equipment or visitor management equipment.


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    It’s quicker than saying “Hello”. 1 second and 1 meter and you’re good to go.

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